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Welcome to Wigan Link's non tendering page, most of you will know by now that the local authority has decided to put the whole of the services provided by Wigan Link up for tender.   The advert for expressions of interest will be placed in the local press in early May 2007.   The authority are going ahead with this despite the growing concern voiced by both family members and the person being supported.

We have put together an action pack which has been made available to all family members, and if you have not already received a copy of this pack you can contact the office on 01942-20205 and one will be provided.

We have had two public meetings so far and the response has been fantastic, with everyone involved with Wigan Link offering their support.   We have received a copy of attachement one from Tim Turner, and it would seem that Wigan Link has been misrepresented in terms of how we have been described.  The attachement suggests that we are a family run organisation, when in fact we are a parent led organisation.   As far as Wigan Link are concerned there is a massive difference in terms of conceptual understanding.

This forum has been created so that individuals can both access information from the site, and also input any information that may prove useful to other people.

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I have already included some useful links that family members may find interesting which I have listed below.   This page, and information base will be updated daily so keep on signing in. (Norman Welch).   PS, if you do have any useful links, emails etc please make sure that we have them.

Some of the following documents are in pdf fromat. If you don't have the free plugin already installed on your system, please go there.

  • Click here for information on Wigan MBC Departmental Plan 2006 - 2007
  • Click here for information on the Gershon Report.
  • Click here for Wigan MBC Council List, Cabinet Reports (see Draft Minutes) & Complaints Procedure.
  • Click here for Our Care Our Health Our Say White Paper.
  • Click here for information on Wigan MBC' EU Procurement Guide.


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